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Google ads refer to the paid links you find to the top of most searches you make on Google. Google Ads appear at the top of search result pages and they are marked with the letters AD. These ads are part of an advertising application service offered by Google and formally know as Google Adwords or Google Ads. We are Google Advertising Specialists that create and manage marketing campaigns for businesses on google.

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Google adverts are based on an automated bidding system that bids for advert position with each search. The ranking depends on the ads quality score in relation to other competing ads. The lower the rank the higher the cost of the click. The first position ads have the lowest cost. Therefore meaning that the cost increases as the positions go up.

Google AdWords campaigns consist of a collection of ad groups. Each ad group receives keywords. These keywords are related to the landing page. The more relevant the keywords are to the content of the web page, the better the quality score. It is good practice to create an ad group for each destination page on your website. At Market Network, we conduct in-depth research for the best keywords to use when creating your content. Therefore keeping in mind the effect of your content on your google ads.

The work does not end there. Once your campaigns start to show adverts, we rework your content with the search terms that gets generated from showing the ads. This is one of many ways we optimize your content and improve your return on investment on a continuous basis.

Google offer different types of ads

One of the many advantages of using Google advertising campaigns is the fact that it is highly configurable. You can target specific audiences or generate different types of responses. You choose if you want leads or website traffic or get a phone call. All of this is made possible by using the different types of ads and different types of bidding.

Some of the types of ads you can create includes:

  • Text ads
  • Responsive text ads
  • Call ads
  • Responsive display ads

Google also offers different places to show your adverts, these are:

  • Google Search results – Ads show to the top of search result pages.
  • Display network – These ads show on websites and on content pages.
  • Search partner networks – Close to searches on different networks.

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Wait! There is more than just Google

Pay per click advertising goes beyond Google. Other places that we can assist you to advertise include Microsoft Bing Search and Facebook advertising. The quality of your website content is crucial with all of the available applications you can use to advertise. Contact us if you are interested to improve your conversions on your website. Let Market Network manage your digital advertising campaigns and add your business to Google, Bing and Facebook, Twitter and more.

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