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Business Management Software usually refers to a collection of software applications to manage various tasks. We offer a software solution that brings various parts of your daily tasks into a single application. Therefore, Quickfood is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. The Quickfood Application is tailored to suit your needs. So, it goes without saying that implementing this application from the start makes things easier. Read on to learn more about the abilities and advantages that you will gain.

Quickfood, from the start.

Quickfood started out as a basic bar management software application. In other words, originally created to manage only stock. However, from there the application slowly grew. In other words, step by step by adding new functionality on an ongoing basis. Up to this point where it became a complete Business Management Application. Quickfood is suitable for most types of retail businesses.

What does Quickfood Business Management Software do?

As mentioned above, the core of the application lies in Managing Stock. In addition, this is done in such a way that you have on-the-go stock levels. In addition, live tracking helps to minimize stock losses. To achieve that Quickfood ships with a complete Point Of Sale (POS) application with live cash levels tracking.

Various functions become available when combining the Stock Manager with the POS applications. Some of these are suggestions on Stock Orders, Performance Tracking via the Targeting functions, and Staff Management features.

Business Management Software Sales

Staff Management

The Staff Management features allows for shifts to be assigned and then populated with shift specific targets. By doing that you gain the ability to incorporate an incentive system. Automated payslips make calculating wages and UIF a breeze.

The customers

Running a business is not only about taking stock and managing staff. One of the most important parts are the way customers are treated. In addition, the customers pay everyone’s wages and fill stock up again. Quickfood offers many handy Patron Features that ranges from Lockdown Door Risk Assessment Forms to eliminate paper usage, all the way through to patron analytics.

Patron Analytics gives you the crucial data you need to learn more about your customer’s buying habits, timing, and favourites. Therefore, the patron functionality is one of the fastest-growing features on the system.

Business Management Software Patrons Data

Other features in the Quickfood Business Management System includes:

  • Expenses tracking.
  • Purchase invoice tracking.
  • Product manager with recipes.
  • Specials manager.
  • Memo tool.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Cash movement tracking.
  • Various charts and data visualizations.
  • Complete Gaming (LPM) management facilities, that incorporate FIC Compliance.
  • Error and Sanitation tracking.
  • Chat application.
  • Advantages of using Quickfood Business Management Software.
  • Easily manage your business from anywhere.
  • Complete control over cash-up processes.
  • Prevent overstocking.
  • Minimize shrinkage.
  • Engage better with your customers.
  • Keep expenditure under control.
  • Use less paper.
  • Comply with gambling laws.
  • Comply with Lockdown laws.
  • Improve internal communication

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Under the hood of the Quickfood Business Management Software.

What makes Quickfood Business Management Software tick?
Quickfood is a True Cloud Application that is built to work on Linux Apache Server and uses MySql as database storage. Therefore, To bring the servers together, we created the code using a combination of web standard programming languages, libraries, and web development techniques that include:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • Java
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • MySql

When combined these languages, libraries, and web development techniques becomes a powerful tool that allows for almost anything to be built and implemented. That is the reason why we offer complete customizable options to our websites.

Business Management Software

It is a fact that tailored software works better than one-size-fits-all applications. Therefore, tailored software allows for clients to request features or improvements to existing modules. Above all, with Quickfood completely tailored to suit your requirements, you will gain powerful functionality. At the same time you will be able to adjust costs to suit your budget. Therefore you control how your application grows.


With regards to installation options, you only need to buy the equipment you need. Therefore you use existing devices to connect to the cloud. Furthermore, a 10Mbps Internet connection with uncapped internet is one of the few minimum requirements. Above all, we do offer on-site network installation if you require multiple access points and other networking components at a low cost.

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