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This logo design deal is perfect for starting your new brand.

Your logo is the first part of starting a brand. Let us help you present your business in the perfect way to make a good first impression. Your logo is how you become known and what people will remember first when thinking of your business.

Customer Logo Designs

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The Logo Design Deal

Up to three (3) concepts.
Includes up to two (2) reviews.
JPEG, PNG and PDF formats.
Flat Graphic design (no photos).
Up to full-colour pallet.

R 1 400,00

Payment Options

This deal requires a once-off payment to start the job.

Logo Design Deal Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you understand the terms and conditions of this service as stated below. On acceptance of this agreement, a consultant will contact you as soon as possible. During the conversation, the consultant and the client will discuss and collect the information needed to build your website.


  • Take note that all website quotations do not include any computer hardware.
  • This quotation is valid for 20 working days from the date sent or delivered via e-mail or if a product or service is on special when the special expires.
  • Take note that this service agreement and the contents of this presentation in whole is subject to confidentiality.
  • Take note that Website marketing packages will be quoted separately in cases where it is not included in the deal. Therefore we strongly recommend the addition of a Google Ads Advertising Deal.
  • Marketnetwork.co.za will apply their best efforts to obtain optimum search engine performance results, but Marketnetwork.co.za is not directly responsible for search engine, search results as the respective search engines control result ratings according to their specifications.
  • Take note that with regards to domain name transfers. In order to start a domain name transfer, the client must supply Marketnetwork.co.za with all the required information. This information is related to the current hosting account so that the transfer can commence.


  • With regards to payments, all payments must be made via Electronic Funds Transfer into the account agreed upon. Furthermore, proof of payment must be sent via email to reniersky@marketnetwork.co.za
  • No work starts before the full quoted payment is received.
  • In the case of monthly payments, these payments must reflect in our account before the 28th day of the previous month. Therefore, all services shall be suspended in the event of payments not being received by the first of the month. All suspended services shall remain suspended until full payment reflects in our bank account. Furthermore, an R 215,00 admin charge will be levied.

Supplied Content

  • Take note that by signing this agreement the client indemnifies Marketnetwork.co.za from any copyright-related legal action that may arise from content provided by the client.
  • Furthermore, by signing the agreement, the client confirms that any content supplied to Marketnetwork.co.za are accredited for legal usage.

Disclaimer – Logo Design

In cases where any suspicion may arise of any criminal, fraudulent or illegal misconduct that may occur at any time during the project Marketnetwork.co.za reserves the right to completely terminate the service agreement. Furthermore in case of criminal intent Marketnetwork.co.za reserves the right to forfeit any paid deposits or funds.

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