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Performance tracking becomes possible due to the steps taken when people are buying something. It is known that people purchase goods in stages. Knowing how people behave on your website is important. Therefore a key part of optimizing your website for best performance. As part of creating your performance-driven website, we combine various online services.

Google Analytics provides statistics regarding visitor behaviour and more. Other applications used include Google Tag Manager, Search Console, various Bing tools, Google Ads and other SEO analysis applications.

Analytics Strategy is one of 5 other important strategies to have in place. The others are:

Tracking Sales Funnels

What is the concept of a purchase funnel? There are different stages within the funnel that describe customer interactions. Therefore purchase funnels include these steps:

  • Acquisition: This involves building awareness and acquiring user interest.
  • Behaviour: See how users engage with your business to learn more about the products.
  • Conversion: Know why and when a visitor becomes a customer.

With the correct configuration of your website, you can measure many different aspects of the funnel using digital analytics. You can track which online behaviour led to purchases. Therefore use that data to make informed decisions about how to reach new customers.

Applying Google Analytics to your WordPress website

Keeping performance tracking in mind and with Google Analytics installed we can get to work. Google Analytics provides us with the facility to configure goals. Therefore these goals are directly related to activity on your WordPress website. However, a goal usually ends with an action or a purchase. In addition, there are many ways to configure goals. A goal tracks the user’s behaviour on your website as they move through the configured sales funnels.

A good analytics setup will reflect exactly the steps customers followed from acquisition to sale. The ability to track this information allows for optimization. Therefore you can see where potential buyers “Fall Off” the goal, and in addition come up with solutions to improve the desired results.

That’s right. This data collected from your website gets compiled into Analytics reports. Our clients stay up to date with reports at frequencies they prefer. In addition, we send reports via email monthly, weekly, or daily. Therefore making sure they get accurate analytical information. With the stats, we ad input on how to adapt your website to improve conversion performance.

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All kinds of businesses can benefit from digital analytics:

  • Publishers can use it to create a loyal, highly engaged audience and in addition better align on-site advertising with user interests.
  • Ecommerce businesses can use digital analytics to understand customers and online purchasing behaviour, therefore better market their products and services.
  • Lead generation sites can collect user information, and in addition connect sales teams with potential leads.

Google Analytics is able to collect data from a variety of systems. These are mobile applications, online point-of-sale systems, customer relationship management systems, or other internet-connected platforms.

Let us get your performance tracking going.

In conclusion, only having a website is not enough. Why not make use of the advantages that we offer with our performance-enhanced web services. Get the power to track what actions and interactions between your brand and your customers happen.

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