There are many reasons why you would need to SEO audit your website. An SEO audit gives you insight into your website’s search placements and points out where to optimize. This service is available in two formats depending on your needs.

  • In-depth analysis with a detailed report.
  • An in-depth analysis with optimization applied and a report of improvements.

SEO Level 1 – Website Analysis Report

The in-depth analysis of your website is split into four(4) sections:

  • Website Structure Compliance
  • Page-level performance
  • Linking
  • Social networking abilities

The first two sections of this audit weigh in the heaviest on your website’s performance. If these are not up to the standard the remaining two sections will have no effect. Google employs a central algorithm to look at these parts and assign positions.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Website Structure Compliance

In this section of the SEO auditing service, I look at the programming and the structure of your website. The programming and the way your website link all the pages and posts together are very important. The slightest errors here will surely affect your ranking in a negative way.

Page-level Performance

As the heading indicates, SEO auditing on page level points out the elements on pages that negatively affect your website’s performance. There are many conditions to consider, some being:

  • Page speed
  • Image quality
  • Tags
Optimizing for better search results is not an exact science. I say this because Google does not publish a set of rules which each site must comply to.

This is an effort to stop or decrease manipulation of website rank on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) by means of hacks and tricks. Google revealed in their latest update that websites employing trickery and sites with a history of spamming will receive heavy penalties.


Links to your website has always been a priority and nothing changed there. Incoming links are still important, if not more than ever. The quality of inbound links is more important than quantity.

Social Networking

Social activity flows in with linking and is becoming more and more important over time. As part of the SEO audit, I look at your websites ability to interact with various social networks.

Your website must not only be able to post to social networks, but also support good quality when making posts.

The four named sections above cover only a small part of the audit, I look at more than 200 different elements.

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Level 2 – SEO Auditing and Implementation

Level 2 of this service goes beyond the in-depth audit and give you a full service that includes implementation of remedies as pointed out in the audit report.

It gets better, you will not only receive an in-depth audit and a report after the implementation. Added as part of this service I will conduct two performance reports. The first performance report before I start and the second after all the improvements. This will give you a clear understanding of the effect of the optimization.

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There are many factors influencing the position of your website. The standards or algorithms used to check rank often receive updates. This means that if your website shows up high now, it may not stay there forever.


A basic website to establish your online presence.


An active website that comes with marketing tools.


A marketing website solution with all the functionality.

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